Humanitarian aid is the ‘last lifeline’ for the people of Afghanistan, UN says

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) has issued a dire warning about the worsening situation in Afghanistan. According to the agency, humanitarian aid is the last resort for the Afghan people, who are grappling with drought, economic woes, and the devastating effects of war.

In a tweet on Tuesday, UNOCHA stated “With Afghanistan facing its 3rd consecutive year of drought, 2nd year of severe economic hardship, consequences of decades of war and recurrent natural disasters, humanitarian aid remains the last lifeline for much of the population. $4.62bn is needed to assist 23.7M people in 2023.”

The UN aid agency had previously said the funding for humanitarian operations in the country is running dry, putting millions of lives at risk. Despite the severity of the crisis, less than 5% of the UN’s financial request for 2023 aid in Afghanistan has been funded.

This agency warns that humanitarian operations in Afghanistan have the least financial support, even though the country is facing the most significant humanitarian crisis in the world.