Young man from Panjshir shot dead in Kabul

Gunmen shoot dead a young man from Panjshir in Kabul

Local sources in the north-eastern Panjshir province confirmed to KabulNow that unknown gunmen have shot dead a young man from the province in the limits of 15th district in the capital Kabul. The young man was shot dead on Tuesday while heading to his home along with his wife and children.

These sources identified the victim as Doost Mohammad from Hesse Awal district of Panjshir who did not have any personal enmity or dispute and was a shopkeeper.

Armed men stopped their car near him, got out of it, and shoot the man dead as he was walking home with his wife and children on Tuesday, the sources detailed.

The circumstances behind his murder are still unknown and the Taliban authorities have not commented either. Afghanistan has seen an unprecedented hike in mysterious and targeted killings ever since the Taliban recaptured the country in August 2021.

Former security forces and government officials, activists, and Panjshir resident have been often the targets of assassinations.