Taliban removes Afghanistan consul general in Dubai
Photo: Afghanistan Consulate General in Dubai

Taliban removes Afghanistan’s Consul General in Dubai

The Taliban has removed Masood Ahmad Azizi, former Consul General of Afghanistan in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and appointed an official of its foreign ministry as his replacement to head the mission in the UAE.

In an official letter issued on 12 March, the Taliban foreign ministry stated that Azizi’s diplomatic tenure had ended. In a separate letter, Abdul Rahman Fada, who previously worked as a director at the ministry, was appointed as the caretaker of the Afghanistan Consulate General in Dubai.

Aziz had been appointed as Afghanistan Consul General in Dubai by the previous government.

In February, the group took over Afghanistan’s embassy in Tehran and its Consulate General in Istanbul.

Moreover, several countries in the region have so far accepted Taliban-appointed diplomats and have continued to develop diplomatic ties with the group’s government in Afghanistan.

No country, however, has so far officially recognized the Taliban government.