Photo: AFP

University professor detained by the Taliban thanks the group for ‘humanity and kindness’

Ismail Mashal, the university professor who was detained by the Taliban for protesting against the ban on women from university education and who tore up his diploma live on air soon after the decree, has been released from custody after a month.

Taliban security agents arrested Mr Mashal on 3 February for “subversive activities” against the group. 

In a post on Facebook on Monday, Mr Mashal thanked and praised the Taliban and its prison officials. His detention, he said, had been “a misunderstanding”.

It is unclear under what circumstances he has written the post.

Mr Mashal said his time in custody had been allowed him to read the Quran twice as well as “several other books.”

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“In fact, during the month and two days that I was in prison, I touched and saw the humanity and kindness of the Mujahideen (Taliban fighters), and I precisely discovered the wisdom behind this word, which is hidden in prison and humans do not know,” Mashal said. 

He stated that he will resume teaching after a short break.