Taliban postpones exit exam for female medical graduates
Photo: Afghanistan Medical Council Facebook Page

Taliban postpones exit exam for female medical graduates indefinitely

Afghanistan’s Medical Council (AMC) and the National Examination Authority (NEA) have postponed exit exam for female medical graduates for a later date while setting the exam date for male graduates on February 18.

The NEA said that only male applicants will receive their exam cards and will undergo biometric identifiers on upcoming Thursday and Friday with the AMC stated in an official letter that the exam date for female applicants will be announced later.

This is the first time that the exam is being taken since the Taliban recaptured Afghanistan in August 2021. Under the previous regime, both male and female medical graduates sat for the exam in two rounds.

Medical graduates cannot acquire work permit without passing the AMC’s exit exam.

A group of male medical students in Kabul expressed concern about the postponement of Exit Exam for female graduates on Monday and called the authorities change decision.

The decision of postponing this exam for female applicants comes after the Taliban banned university education for female students and banned Afghan women from working outdoor for an indefinite time.