Taliban plans fresh crackdown on media
Photo: Bakhtar News Agency

Taliban plans fresh crackdown on Afghan media

The Taliban’s Supreme Court will soon issue a ruling against Afghan media outlets based outside Afghanistan and are working to “undermine” the group, a Taliban official told Bakhtar News Agency (BNA), its official news agency, on Monday.

Abdulhaq Hemad, media monitoring director at the Taliban’s Ministry of Information and Culture, accused Afghan media outlets operating outside Afghanistan of propagating against the Taliban regime, Afghanistan, and its nation. Though the Taliban official didn’t mention a specific number, he said “several media” are undermining the group’s regime and spreading disunity among the country’s ethnic groups.

“The decision has been made regarding these media and the issue has been already referred to the court. The court will decide about it in the coming days and would issue its decree,” he said.

The Taliban has imposed severe restrictions on journalists and media since the group’s return to power in August 2021, with many outlet closing down and others leaving the country and operating from outside.