Daikundi, Afghanistan

Taliban bans landlords from letting without prior permission  

The Taliban’s General Directorate of Intelligence (GDI) commander in Daikundi, Mullah Obaidullah Faizani, has ordered landlords in the province not to rent out their properties without permission from his agency.

In an official statement issued in Pashto on Wednesday, Mullah Faizani ordered Daikundi landlords to provide detailed information about their properties and seek permission from his office before renting them out. 

The order warns landlords against disobeying the ruling. 

Locals in Daikundi have complained of harassments, arrests, torture, killings and force displacements by the Taliban.

Located in the central highlands of Afghanistan, Daikundi is a predominantly Hazara populated province, who have been subjected forced displacements, arbitrary arrests, torture and killings by the Taliban since the group’s return to power in Aug 2021.