Photo: Anadolu News Agency

Erdogan: Taliban’s bans on women and girls’ education are “inhumane and against Islam”

Commenting on the Taliban’s bans on women and girls’ education, speaking at a conference in Ankara, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said that the Afghan rulers decisions were “inhumane and against Islam.

“There is no such thing in our religion. These girls should receive an education,” Erdogan said.

On 20 December 2022, the Taliban banned women from universities, which its education minister defending it as “to prevent the mixing of genders.” Girls were banned from secondary schools soon after the group retook control of Afghanistan in August 2021.

The Taliban followed its ban on women from universities with a ban on women working as aid workers, which has sparked global outrage, with major international aid agencies suspending their operations in Afghanistan.