US Special Envoy for Afghanistan Will Travel to Japan, India, UAE

To consult with the US partners and Afghans regarding issues in Afghanistan, the US Special Representative for Afghanistan, Thomas West, has said that he will visit Japan, India, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from the 1st to the 8th of December.

He will discuss the humanitarian and economic crisis, the protection of human rights, and shared security concerns during his visit to these countries.

“Special Representative West will also engage with the Afghan diaspora, including human rights, business, political, and media leaders on how to address these challenges,” the US special envoy said in a press release on Wednesday, November 30.

He has paid such consultative visits to regional countries and held talks with the officials of respective countries and Afghan activists previously as well.

The humanitarian crisis, including the deprivation of Afghan women from their basic rights, and the operation of terrorist outfits in Afghanistan are the topics discussed in his previous visits.