Drones Seen Flying Over Northern Afghanistan

Unidentified Drones Seen Flying Over Northern Afghanistan

Sources confirmed that unidentified drones have been flying in Afghanistan airspace in Darqad district of the northeastern Takhar province on Saturday.

The drones were seen flying in Afghanistan airspace in Ai-Khanoum port city of Darqad district around 03:40 PM local time on Saturday, November 12, a source detailed.

The area where these drones were seen flying over is adjacent to neighboring Tajikistan.

There is no information on why those drones patrolled the area and which country had sent them, the source added.

In the meantime, a local resident confirmed to Kabul Now that locals heard shelling of light and heavy weapons from Taliban-controlled outposts in the area of Darqad district.

Local Taliban officials, however, have not commented regarding the incident. This comes as there are reports that Tajikistan has previously bombarded drug trafficking bands in border areas between Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

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