Taliban Morality Police Kills Woman in Balkh

Local Official of Taliban Morality Police Kills Woman in Balkh

Mullah Yassin, head of the Taliban’s morality police in a district in Samangan province, has shot dead a woman in the northern Balkh province. The incident occurred on Sunday, November 06, in Muhajer Qishlaq village of Shulgara district.

According to sources, Mullah Yasin is head of the Taliban’s vice and virtue department – the group’s morality police – in the Dar-e-Sufi Payeen district of Samangan province.

There are conflicting accounts regarding what motivated the local Taliban officials to kill the woman.

One source said that the Taliban member killed the woman because she had escaped her husband’s home, adding that the woman was a nephew of the Taliban member.

The woman had fled her husband’s house in the Dar-e-Sufi Payeen district due to domestic disputes and sought shelter in her aunt’s house in the Shulgara district of Balkh province, the source detailed.

Meanwhile, another source rejected any family connection between the murdered woman and the local Taliban official. The source claimed that the Taliban member murdered the woman after she rejected his demands.

Confirming the incident, spokesman for Taliban police in Balkh, Mohammad Asif Waziri, added that the murderer had been arrested.

Waziri also admitted that the murderer was an employee of the Taliban’s administration.

He identified the victim as Mariam. Waziri, however, did not comment regarding the motivation behind the incident and the marital status of the victim.