Journalist and actor in Kandahar

Journalist and Actor Are in Taliban Custody in Kandahar

The Taliban forces arrested a local journalist and an actor days earlier in the southern Kandahar province and are still keeping them in their custody, sources in Kandahar province confirmed to Kabul Now.

The arrested journalist named Shir Ahmad Noori. One of his family members said that the Taliban arrested him six days ago. It is not clear why the journalist has been arrested, and his whereabouts are still unclear.

The arrested Kandahari actor, Ataullah Zar, has been in Taliban custody for several days, the sources added. Attaullah’s friends say he has not committed a crime and should be released.

The local Taliban officials in Kandahar also confirmed the arrest of these two people, saying that they will be released soon.

A Taliban official said that Ataullah Zar was arrested over a conflict. This official did not explain the reason for the arrest of the journalist, Shir Ahmad Nouri.

Since their return to power, the Taliban have been arresting journalists and media workers, further causing restrictions on the country’s media.