Canadian MP

Canadian MP: Hazaras Are at Serious Risk of Genocide in Afghanistan

Chandra Arya, a member of the Canadian parliament, referring to the attack on September 30th on the Kaaj educational centre in the west of Kabul, asks the government of this country to condemn such attacks and to ask the Taliban to protect the Hazaras in Afghanistan.

In his speech in the Parliament of Canada, via a video he posted on his Twitter on Friday, October 22, he says that the Hazara community in Afghanistan has been subjected to multiple forms of discrimination, negatively affecting their economic, social, cultural and human rights.

Referring to the report of the British Parliament, which was published a while ago, Chandra Arya stated that as a religious and ethnic minority, the Hazara community in Afghanistan are at serious risk of genocide.

Since the Taliban came back to power, the Hazara community members have been killed through targeted bombings of Hazara schools and places of worship, Chandra Arya added.

Chandra Arya has called on the Canadian government to condemn these attacks and ask the authorities in Afghanistan to protect the Hazara community.

Recently, the attack on the Kaaj educational centre in the predominantly Hazaras area in the west of Kabul caused global protests. The attack left 58 dead, mostly girls, and 126 others wounded.

Protesters across the globe considered these continued attacks as a manifestation of “genocide” and chanted the slogan “StopHazaraGenocide”.