Marshal Dostum

Marshal Dostum says Taliban will face deadly fate in the north

Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum, who has returned to the battlefield, said the Taliban insurgents will face a deadly fate in the northern part of Afghanistan. Marshal Dostum, who is a former vice president, has a long history of fighting the Taliban.

The Taliban in the north will face the same fate as Mullah Fazel, he said.

Mullah Fazel is a current member of the Taliban’s negotiating team, who used to be the Taliban’s commander in northern Afghanistan. He was captured by Dostum forces after the fall of the Taliban rule and handed over to the US troops.  

Dostum however told the media in Balkh on Wednesday, August 11, that the Taliban had come to the north several times but they were trapped every time. This time, however, their escape would not be easy and they will face the fate of Mullah Fazel, he added.

In response to the fall of Sheberghan, the provincial capital for Jowzjan, Dostum said that he was not present in Sheberghan at the time of the Taliban attack, otherwise, Sheberghan would not have fallen to the Taliban even if entire Pakistan was mobilized with the group.

The Taliban has overrun nine provinces since last Friday, including Sheberghan.

The fall of the provinces in northern Afghanistan has led President Ghani to go to Balkh province. This morning, he has met with a number of political and jihadi figures to discuss and equip People Uprising Forces under one umbrella with the security and defense forces.