Seven security forces killed in Takhar province

Seven security forces killed in Takhar province

The Taliban launched attack against security outposts in Rustaq district of the northern Takhar province killing seven security forces and wounding 12 others, local sources confirmed.

A local security source confirmed to Kabul Now that the Taliban launched their attacks today around 02:00 AM, in Dewar Tang area of Rustaq district. The source added a battalion commander is also among the dead ones.

As per account of the source, Afghan Air Force, subsequently, conducted airstrikes on Taliban positions in the area and inflected heavy casualties on the militants.

The Taliban has not made any comment regarding the incident so far.

Takhar is located in northern part of the country. The Taliban militants are actively operating in the province and overran eight district over past few days.

Of the fallen districts, the government forces have regained control over Bangi and Khwajaghar districts of the province.