Families displaced in Herat

2,000 families displaced over last month

As the war intensifies across Afghanistan more families are forced to leave their homes and villages behind in pursuit of shelters.  Mobin Qaderi, head of Herat Refugee and Repatriation Department, told Kabul Now, today, July 14, that over the past month, more than 2,000 families have come to Herat from neighboring provinces of Faryab, Badghis, and Ghor.

More than 8,000 families are reported to have been displaced in western Afghanistan as a bloody war intensifies and a swelling drought forces a large number of population to leave their villages.   

He called on aid agencies to help the IDPs.

Maryam, 27, along with her four children has been forced by war in Qala e Naw. She has taken refuge in Herat. Maryam told Kabul Now that her home was destroyed in a war fought between the Taliban and government forces.    

“The war in Qala e Naw was that severe which forced us to flee our homes. Currently, I do not have a single penny and I do not know how to feed my children,” she added.

In the meantime, a number of local representatives warn that a human disaster would threaten the population in the western part of the country if the ongoing conflict does not stop.   

As the war intensifies in Ghor and Badghis, the disparate displaced population make their way to Herat, the only city now home to more than 500,000 IDPs.