police forces join Taliban

Eight police forces join Taliban in Ghor

Hayatullah Adel, a police commander in the central Ghor province has joined the Taliban along with seven other security forces, a local source confirmed.

Talking to Kabul Now, Abdul Zahir Faizzada, Ghor governor, said that the police commander has left his outpost around 01:00 AM today, June 02, and taking a military tank and a police Ranger vehicle with him.

He did not provide further details on this.

After assassination of his brother, Besmillah Adel, who was director of a radio station, Hayatullah shared his concerns about increasing security threats against his family.

Besmillah Adil, the head of Radio Sada-e-Ghor, was shot dead by gunmen on January 01, while he was en route to Feroz Koh, the capital of Ghor.

According to National Directorate of Security, Ezzatullah Baig, a member of Provincial Council, was involved in Besmillah’s assassination. Mr. Beig was then killed as the result of armed clashes between security forces and his men.

The Taliban controls swaths of territories and often launches attacks against government forces in Ghor province.