11 Pakistanis among 27 Taliban killed in Paktia

11 Pakistanis among 27 Taliban militants killed in Paktia

As many as 27 Taliban militants, including 11 Pakistani nationals and two commanders of the group, were killed and 12 others wounded in a counterattack by army forces in Paktia province, an army source reported.

The army launched the counterattack on Wednesday, June 16, following the militants attacked outposts of Afghan border forces in Bayankhel village of Zazi Aryob district, said Aimal Khan Momand, press officer at the 203 Tandar Miliatry Corps.

The army forces also seized a large number of ammunitions left by the Taliban, he added.

The military official also confirmed that three border forces were killed and six others wounded after the Taliban militants detonated a car bomb in the battle against Afghan forces.

He added that the militants were pushed back from the area.

The Taliban, however, has not commented regarding the incident so far.

Located in southeast of the country, Paktia is one of the most volatile provinces where the Taliban actively operate, particularly in the districts bordering with Pakistan.

In the latest operations to reclaim lost territories, Afghan forces pushed back militants from Dawalat Abad district in Faryab which had fallen to the Taliban on June 08 and Khanabad district in Kunduz which had fallen to the militant group on June 14.