Afghan refugees call for a just and feasible peace

Afghan refugees call for a just and feasible peace

A number of Afghan refugees, who are living in exile, say that any peace agreement to be signed between the parties must be based on a clear feasible mechanism that guarantees the fate of the future of political setup in Afghanistan.

In a seven-point declaration, these refugees say any peace settlement must give assurance to people and define a mechanism that protects Afghan institutions, most importantly the security and defense institutions.

The declaration is issued ahead of a decisive peace meeting to be hosted by Turkey and monitored by United Nations.

The establishment of an elected inclusive government must be the core of the agenda of talks in the Istanbul peace meeting, the declaration reads.

These Afghan refugees urge all parties not to compromise human rights, women’s rights, and the spirit of the Afghan constitution in the Istanbul meeting that is tentatively scheduled to take place on April 16.

The future government must be an inclusive setup that should represent the diversity of Afghanistan’s ethnic identities and people with diverse religious and lingual backgrounds, the Afghan refugees say.

The parties involved in peace talks must take steps to protect Afghanistan’s future and they should prefer the country’s national interest over foreigners’ demands. Any peace agreement or political arrangement must deliver justice to victims of war and other groups who are affected by war.