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Afghan political parties will have a united stance in Istanbul conference

A group of Jihadi political parties, gathering in the capital Kabul declared that they would attend the upcoming Istanbul conference on the Afghan peace process with a united stance and perspective.

The group of political parties is comprised of Hezbe Jamiat-e-Islami, Hezb-e-Wadat Islami, People’s Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan, Hezb-e-Islami, National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan, Afghan Mellat Party, and the National Islamic Front of Afghanistan.

Appearing at a joint press conference today, Saturday, April 03, representatives of the political parties expressed hope that the Istanbul conference will yield an adequate solution and an end to the ongoing war in Afghanistan.

“We, the political parties see the peace as the national priority and support decisively any attempt that leads to ending the war and bring a sustainable stability,” part of the statement issued by the group stated. They further called on other parties to join them and do not allow any circle to create challenges ahead of the peace process for their personal interests.

They also called on the regional countries and the international community to put the utmost efforts into ensuring sustainable peace in Afghanistan warning that if this historic opportunity is lost, the Afghan crisis will expand to the region and the world.

Homayoun Jarir, a member of Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin, reiterated that the political parties and movements that will attend the Istanbul conference must reach a consensus on the fundamental issues beforehand.

The group of “aligned [political] parties” are trying to talk to the Taliban and the Afghan government to find a united perspective before the start of the Istanbul conference.

He added that leaders of the parties will hold a meeting on peace, particularly regarding the Istanbul conference, soon.

Jarir did not speak about the details.

The upcoming Istanbul conference which is facilitated by the United States is supposed to be held this month in Turkey under the watch of the United Nations.

As per a US proposal, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban will discuss establishing an interim government and a ceasefire to end the decades-long conflict in Afghanistan.