Head of Takhar Ulema Council killed in a blast

Head of Takhar Ulema Council killed in a blast

Abdul Samad Mohammadi, head of Ulema Council in the northern Takhar province, was killed after a bomb attached to his car went off in Taloqan, the capital city of the province.

Mohammadi was killed and three of his colleagues were wounded after the explosives placed inside his car went off today, March 31, around 12:00 PM in the 2nd street of Telfroshi neighborhood of Taloqan, Khalil Asir, the spokesperson for Takhar police chief told Kabul Now.

The local official claimed that the explosives were placed inside Mohammadi’s car by the Taliban militants before he and his colleagues got into it.

The Taliban have not commented in this regard.

Afghanistan has seen an unprecedented rise in targeted killings ever since the United States signed a peace deal with the Taliban militant group on February 29, 2020, in Doha, capital of Qatar.

Most of the targeted killings go unclaimed but the government blames the Taliban for the attacks.