Moheb ul Rahman Ansar
Moheb ul Rahman Ansar, the head of Ghazni Directorate of Education, continues to run the education directorate though he has been accused of high-profile corruption charges

Ghazni head of education directorate under fire over corruption allegation  

A number of local representatives claim that Moheb ul Rahman Ansar, the head of Ghazni Directorate of Education, continues to run the education directorate though he has been accused of high-profile corruption charges. They say Ansar uses his connection and political clout to abuse his authority with full impunity.

In May 2018, a number of employees of Ghazni Directorate of Education were illegally removed by the head of the directorate. Though officials at the audit department, after reviewing the case, announced that the dismissed employees must resume their jobs, a number of them have not yet rejoined their works. Those who have restarted jobs have been not paid for the last 19 months.

Mr. Ansar is a close relative of Engineer Mohammad Khan, a prominent political figure who is a member of Hezb-e-Islami led by Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal. In 2019, the audit department of the Ministry of Education introduced Ansar to the prosecutor’s office, on corruption allegations and abuse of power.

Mohammad Ismail Yusufzai, the human resource officer at Ghazni Directorate of Education told Kabul Now that he has not received his salary after being fired. In December 2019, Mr. Yusufzai was reappointed to his previous position but he now claims that he has no authority.

“I am used as a symbol in my office. We are threatened and asked to [fulfill] illegal demands [raised] by Mr. Ansar. At odds with the administrative order, they do not allow clients to go through due process,” Mr. Yusufzai said.

Corruption in Afghan education sector has led to inefficiency and low quality of education.

Nesar Ahmad Azadzoy, another employee of the Ghazni Education Directorate, says that he served as a director of education for two years without having any authority and salary. He says another person has been hired for the same position as his, who is working and receiving salaries. According to official documents, Mr. Azadzoi was “unfairly” transferred from his position to a school in Nahour district by Mr. Ansar, but he rejected the offer.

A number of councilmen at Ghazni Provincial Council agree with officials at Ghazni Education Directorate. They blame Mr. Ansar for having a “biased, selective and ethnic-based” approach towards education in Ghazni.

Hassan Reza Yusefi, a member of Ghazni Provincial Council, accused the head of Ghazni Education Directorate, saying that “in recent years, the employees at the directorate are appointed on the basis of relations and ethnicity.” He says the Hezb-e-Islami members influence the directorate of education. “Although the illegal actions of Mr. Ansar have been documented and handed over to the judiciary by the members of Ghazni Provincial Council, the case has not yet investigated.”

Mr. Ansar however refused to give a clear answer to allegations made against him. “The problems, which existed between a number of employees and me, have been resolved and that they have no complaints.” he angrily told Kabul Now.

On June 09, 2019, the anti-corruption directorate of the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) reported that Ansar’s case was sent back to Ghazni Directorate of Education for further investigation. Seven months after, a verdict was issued by the prosecutor’s office, which said there was not enough evidence to prove allegations charged against Mr. Ansar. The prosecutor’s office asked the audit department of the Ministry of Education to document allegations of insult and embezzlement charged against Ansar.

Jamshid Rasooli, the AGO spokesperson, told Kabul Now that the AGO received Ansar’s case two months ago and an investigation is underway.

“Money received for construction of school buildings are misused. Ghost salaries are taken for Nawa district. Distribution of resources is unfair,” Mr. Yusefi said.

In 2019, the National Directorate of Security (NDS) issued a letter in which it reported about the security situation in Nawa district. “Nawa district of Ghazni province has been under the control of the Taliban for many years. Local education authorities reported that a number of schools in the district were open and some UNICEF aid packages were transferred to the district. However, due to insecurity, control and supervision of schools by the directorate are not easy.”

The Ministry of Education also reported Nawa district was out of government control.

Corruption in the education sector in Afghanistan is rising for many years. According to research conducted by International Institute for Education Planning, a large number of education workers are ghost teachers.

Sources from Ghazni Provincial Council and employees of Ghazni Directorate of Education claim that Mr. Ansar has connections who support him to maintain his job in the province.