Taliban kill four special police forces in Bamyan

Four special police forces were killed and two others wounded after they came under attack in a Taliban ambush in Shekari valley of the central Bamyan province, according to a local security official.

Sadeq Muradi, Bamyan police chief, said that the police forces encountered a Taliban ambush and landmine explosion in Babuka area on Saturday, September 26, while they were en route to deliver supplies to Baghak security outpost in Shibar district.

He added that the wounded police forces have been transferred to Kabul for receiving medical treatment.

According to the police chief, two military vehicles were destroyed as result of land mine explosion and rocket attack of the Taliban militants.

Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, has claimed that the Taliban militants have killed and wounded around 30 commandos in Shibar and Sayghan districts of Bamyan.

But, Mohammad Reza Yousufi, spokesperson for Bamyan police chief, rejected Taliban’s claim.

Situated in central Afghanistan, Bamyan is a secure province but has witnessed sporadic attacks by the militants in recent days. On September 20, a day after Ghani’s visit to Bamyan, the Taliban militants attacked national security forces in Bayman province. Two security forces lost their lives and one other was wounded in the attack that lasted for 15 hours.