Afghanistan coronavirus cases jump to 28,424

With 564 people tested positive for the coronavirus in past 24 hours, the total confirmed cases of the Covid-19 pandemic has jumped to 28,424 in Afghanistan, according to latest updates provided by the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH). The total official death toll from the virus has raised to 569.

The capital Kabul followed by Herat, Balkh, Nangarhar, Kandahar, and Paktia provinces have respectively recorded the highest cases of the coronavirus so far.

The MoPH says that 330 covid-19 patients have recovered over last 24 hours which increases the total number of recovered people to 8,292.

Official figures on covid-19 cases and deaths are widely admitted as unreliable as even the health officials have repeatedly acknowledged that the actual figures could be much higher than confirmed cases.

In a monitoring of 30 graveyards during May, the BBC World Service has found that the number of funerals has jumped to more than 130, a 350 percent increase. “In the past deaths were lower, one or two funerals each week. Perhaps a maximum of five a week. Now we have 10 to 15 funerals a day. Some days we have 20 to 30 funerals here. The numbers are high,” Sayed Farid, a gravedigger in Kabul was quoted as saying.