Afghanistan Covid-19 cases climb to 1,531, 50 confirmed dead

The Afghan health authorities confirmed on Sunday, April 26, that the total number of people infected by the pandemic coronavirus has reached 1,531.

According to the Ministry of Public Health (MoPh) 50 people who were infected by the virus have died.

The MoPH confirmed 68 new cases of Covid-19, in Ghazni (13), Paktia (11), Paktika (9), Balkh (8), Badghis (6), Kabul (6), Nangarhar (4), Herat (4), Laghman (3), Khost (3), and in Baghlan (1) provinces.

452 people have tested positive for the coronavirus in the capital, Kabul, which is the hardest hit province followed by Herat and Kandahar provinces that each have reported 390 and 203 cases of the Covid-19.

The death toll from the pandemic disease has now surged to 50, with two new deaths confirmed in Ghazni and one another in Herat province over past 24 hours.

Based on official figure, which is highly disputed, 207 people have recovered in Afghanistan.