Around 60, 000 Afghan soldiers have been killed in last five years, says Nabil

Addressing a crowd of supporters in a campaign rally held in Kabul on Wednesday, September 25, Rahmatulla Nabil, a former chief of National Directorate of Security, who is running for the 2019 presidential elections, claimed that nearly 60,000 Afghan security forces have been killed during the reign of National Unity Government (NUG). Nabil underlined around 600,000 others were injured in the course of NUG’s rule.

Mr. Nabil, who is a loud and bold critique of the NUG, has served in high-profile security and intelligence organizations.

He said that under the NUG, Afghanistan has lost more territory to the Taliban insurgents. This presidential candidate highlighted that unemployment rate has increased during NUG’s rule, and almost 400,000 Afghan nationals have been forced to leave the country.

Nabil, whose election campaign slogan is security and justice, says his first priority is security and his government will focus on security if he wins the 2019 presidential election.

As early as two months ago, Nabil, accused Mohammad Ashraf Ghani of releasing ex CEO of Kabul Bank, Khalil Ferozi, in return for $ 30 million.