Taliban’s Further Ban on NGOs Violates Universal Human Rights, AIHRC Says

The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC), now in exile, has in a recent statement expressed concerns over the further restrictions of the Taliban to suspend educational programs of NGOs in Afghanistan, calling it a violation of universal human rights standards.

The statement published Saturday called the Taliban decision “shocking” stating that it will significantly affect education programs carried out by international organizations working for child’s education, particularly UNICEF.

“This shocking decision has resulted in the disruption of crucial initiatives undertaken by UNICEF, as well as numerous supporting institutions dedicated to the education and upbringing of children in Afghanistan,” said AIHRC in the statement.

“Consequently, hundreds of thousands of Afghan children, who were benefiting from educational support provided by international entities, will be deprived of their right to education.”

The Taliban banned NGOs from providing educational services to vulnerable children, particularly girls, who have been severely impacted by the initial bans on secondary education.

The Taliban’s spokesperson has not officially commented on this.

But one source within the Taliban told KabulNow on the condition of anonymity that UNICEF would be allowed to continue its operations.

UNICEF had previously warned that if the agency would no longer be allowed to conduct its operations, this could mean that more than half a million children, most of them girls, would be deprived of receiving community-based classes across the country.

AIHRC has called on the Taliban leadership to reverse their “oppressive approach” to allow girls and adolescents to benefit from educational programs by NGOs and urged the international community to pressure the Taliban authorities to lift the ban.

The exiled human rights body also asked human rights entities to continue their advocacy for the rights of all citizens, particularly women and children, and remain resolute in the face of the Taliban’s repressive rules.

“In view of the gravity of this human rights issue, the AIHRC respectfully requests the United Nations Human Rights Council to give serious consideration to this matter during its 53rd session in Geneva in June.” The statement concluded.