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Taliban arrested student in Takhar for links with NRF

Local sources report that the Taliban detained a student in the Farkhar district of northeastern Takhar province for alleged links with the anti-Taliban armed group, National Resistance Front (NRF).

One source told KabulNow that the student, identified as Mehrullah Rohani, was arrested when Taliban forces broke into his home in the district’s Khuzda village on Thursday.

Taliban also subjected Rohani, who had recently returned from Iran where he was studying a master’s program, to beating and humiliation, the source said.

The group accused Rohani of being affiliated with the NRF, the source added.

Any information about the student’s safety remains unknown so far.

Taliban authorities in Takhar have not commented yet.

Led by Ahmad Massoud, son of the late jihadi commander Ahmad Shah Masoud, the NRF is mainly formed of former security forces who served in the former government before the Taliban seizure of power in August 2021.

The group has been carrying out guerilla attacks against Taliban forces in several provinces, mainly in the north.