NRF claims killing and injuring 8 Taliban forces in recent attacks

At least two Taliban forces were killed and six wounded as a result of recent attacks by the anti-Taliban armed group, the National Resistance Front (NRF), in Baghlan and Kapisa provinces.

NRF claimed to have killed one Taliban fighter and wounded two others when its operatives launched a rocket attack on a Taliban base in Farghabel valley of Khost district in Baghlan province on Wednesday.

In another attack on Thursday, NRF said its forces injured two Taliban members in the Puzeh Kham-Zargar area of Kohistan district in Kapisa province.

On Friday night, NRF stated that its forces killed one Taliban member and wounded two others in a counter-attack in the Khost district of Baghlan province, adding that the Taliban forces had attempted to carry out an offensive but were forced to retreat after suffering casualties.

None of its forces were harmed in these attacks, NRF said.

Taliban authorities have not commented.

Mainly formed of former security forces, NRF is led by Ahmad Masoud, son of the Jihadi commander Ahmad Shah Masoud. The group has challenged the Taliban in deadly battles mainly in the north and northeastern provinces since the Taliban overtook power two years ago.