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Infighting among Taliban members in Takhar leaves one dead and five injured

Local sources in Takhar province, northeastern Afghanistan, have reported that an infighting among Taliban members in the province’s Farkhar district has left one dead and five injured.

Sources told KabulNow that the infighting occurred on Thursday afternoon after a verbal dispute between local Taliban and Taliban members from the Pashtun tribe, who had recently visited the district to evacuate a military base.

According to the source, one Pashtun tribe Taliban was killed and two others along with three Tajik tribe Taliban were wounded.

Sources added that the Taliban Ministry of Defense’s special forces have arrested Qari Zabihullah, the counter-terrorism commander of the Taliban security command in Farkhar district, along with five of his soldiers.

Local Taliban authorities have not commented on the incident.

The Taliban Ministry of Defense has reportedly increased its forces in several districts of Takhar province, including Farkhar district, following recent attacks by the anti-Taliban armed group, the National Resistance Front (NRF) led by Ahmad Massoud.