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UNICEF-funded water supply project supports local communities in Takhar

The UN International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has funded a water supply project to support local communities in the northeastern Takhar province.

The project will provide safe drinking water to 700 families and 2,000 school students in the Warsaj district, Samiullah Samimi, Taliban’s media head of Rural Rehabilitation and Development in Takhar, told KabulNow on Saturday.

The project will allow residents of Khanqa, Sartundak, Abdul Mutaleb, Bagh Dasht, and Warchen villages to directly access safe drinking water, who were otherwise hit by water shortages.

Hamidullah Mohammadi, a resident of Khanqa village, said that locals did not have access to clean drinking water and relied on ponds and streams.

Work on the project had begun a year ago and it was recently completed.

The cost of the project is estimated to be nearly 22.5 million Afghani (over US$ 260,000).

The completion of the project comes at a critical time when the country is hit by a water shortage. Now for many villagers in Warsaj, the recent project will help them gain access to safe water through a piped system and closer to their homes.

UNICEF has said that the agency provided safe water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities for nearly 400,000 people in health facilities and schools across the country in the first half of this year.