Young group sets up library to promote reading in Takhar province

A group of young people in northeastern Takhar province has set up a library in the provincial capital of Taleqan with the aim of promoting a culture of reading books among people.

The “Shayagan Library” was founded by about 70 young boys and girls who started a book collection campaign in Taleqan City. They bought some of the available books by paying monthly subscription fees.

Seyed Iqbal Siret, one of the founders of the library, told KabulNow that they plan to hold artistic, cultural, poetry, story reading, and article writing programs in the future.

Following the Taliban’s return to power, Afghanistan has witnessed significant restrictions on cultural activities, with girls often being barred from participating in such programs. Despite the Taliban’s restrictions, determined young individuals across various provinces are actively promoting education and reading by organizing cultural initiatives and establishing libraries.