Taliban member opens fire on a family in Parwan

A Taliban member opened fire on a family in Jabal Saraj district, eastern Parwan province, on Friday, killing one and injuring three others, local sources reported.

The incident took place at approximately 1:00 pm on Friday in Miana Guzar village.

According to sources, the Taliban member had a verbal argument with the family. The argument escalated, and he opened fire on the family members and then fled the area.

The injured individuals were taken to a local hospital, where one of them, identified as Noryalai, died from his injuries. The other three are in critical condition.

The local sources have identified the Taliban member responsible for the incident as Tamim. He was previously the head of Taliban intelligence in Jabal Saraj district and is currently employed in the Taliban intelligence directorate in Parwan province.

The local officials of the Taliban in Parwan have not yet commented on the incident.