Photo: Swedish Committee for Afghanistan

Swedish Committee for Afghanistan seeks clarification from Taliban after ban on activities

The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) has said that it is seeking “clarification” from the Taliban following the group’s ban on activities by Swedish entities in Afghanistan.

The Taliban on Tuesday suspended all Swedish activities in Afghanistan in protest against burning of the Quran in Sweden. The group has demanded an apology from Sweden.

In a statement following the ban, the SCA said:

“The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, SCA, is seeking dialogue with the de facto authorities of Afghanistan to clarify if the directive of July 11 to suspend all Sweden’s activities in Afghanistan will affect our organisation.”

The SCA said that it “strongly condemns all desecration of the Holy Quran”.

Established in 1980, the SCA said that it is an “independent and impartial” organisation with no links to the Swedish government.

“For over 40 years SCA has been working in close collaboration with the rural population and in deep respect of both Islam and local traditions in Afghanistan.”

In February, the Taliban detained two SCA employees in Nangarhar province.