Photo: WFP

Over 12 countries and organizations support WFP’s critical aid to Afghanistan

The World Food Program (WFP) has received support from more than 12 countries and aid organizations this year to provide cash and food assistance to Afghanistan.

Among the donors are New Zealand, the European Union, the Islamic Development Bank, the United Nations, and private donors. India and South Korea have also contributed by donating wheat and rice.

In an interview with TOLOnews on Friday, WFP spokesperson, Philip Kropf, warned that the limited funding is threatening the “life-saving” operation of the organization in Afghanistan.

He said that due to funding constraints, WFP has been forced to reduce rations and exclude 8 million people from receiving assistance across the country in recent weeks.

“Millions of families in Afghanistan are at risk of going hungry. This year and this winter is as important as it was last year and before,” Kropf added. The WFP spokesperson further stressed that the organization requires $1 billion to sustain emergency operations and support families during this challenging period.

Previously, UN agencies had warned about the shortage of funds necessary to continue providing essential humanitarian aid to the people of Afghanistan.

UN stated in a report that approximately 28.3 million people in Afghanistan required life-saving assistance in 2023 and described “the collapsed economy, climate change, and conflict” as the main drivers of the worsening situation.