Photo: Paul Klouman Bekken via Twitter

Norwegian chargé d’affaires: Taliban restrictions impact women in critical professions

The Norwegian chargé d’affaires for Afghanistan, Paul Klouman Bekken, in meetings with Taliban officials emphasised that the group’s restrictions on women could worsen the shortage of educated females in critical professions such as teachers, doctors, and nurses.

In a tweet on Thursday, Bekken mentioned his meetings with Taliban officials, including Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Stanekzai, Minister of Education Habibullah Agha, and head of the Central Bank Hedayatullah Badri.

After returning to power, the Taliban banned girls from attending secondary schools. Later, in December 2022, they expanded these restrictions, preventing women and girls from pursuing university education and working for NGOs.

Despite significant pressure from human rights organizations, aid providers, and Islamic countries to lift these bans, the Taliban has continued imposing further restrictions on women’s rights. The prohibitions now extend to women visiting amusement parks and restaurants, traveling without a mahram (male guardian), and attending public baths.