Photo: Aspen Security Forum

Ahmad Massoud: The US and former government responsible for Afghanistan’s current situation

Ahmad Massoud, the leader of the anti-Taliban armed group, the National Resistance Front (NRF), has blamed both the US and the former government of Afghanistan for the current situation in Afghanistan.

Speaking at the Aspen Security Forum on Thursday via video link, Massoud criticised the entire process leading up to the Taliban takeover, including the negotiations with the Taliban and the US withdrawal, which he called “disastrous.”

Massoud also expressed concern about the critical situation of women and girls in Afghanistan, emphasizing that their voices were ignored during the Doha negotiations, despite their courage in standing against extremism in the country.

He added the Taliban government does not follow any constitution, and Afghanistan is currently governed by religious decrees.

“Our effort in the struggle is a moral duty. The whole society of Afghanistan is trying to fight against the Taliban. It is our duty to fight for what we believe in, for our country, and for our freedom. We feel betrayed and alone but we have each other,” he stated.

The Aspen Security Forum is an annual conference that brings together policymakers, experts, and leaders from various fields to discuss and address critical national and international security challenges.

Speakers at this year’s conference has included the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly and the head of the CIA William Burns.

Formed after the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan, and led by Ahmad Massoud, the son of Ahmad Shah Massoud, the NRF has been engaged in guerrilla wars against the Taliban in the northern and northeastern provinces of Afghanistan. The group has mostly been active in Panjshir and neighbouring provinces.