23 migrants from Afghanistan rescued by Peruvian authorities

Peruvian authorities have recently rescued 23 Afghanistan migrants from human traffickers along the border with Brazil on Sunday.

The migrants had paid smugglers in a bid to be transferred to a regional city, then on to the capital Lima before heading to Peru’s Tumbes, but they were swindled by the smugglers and trapped into a house in a village along the Peru-Brazil border, VOA) reports.

The migrants, including four children, were left without food in the house.

It is not known how much each migrant had been charged by the smugglers.

The current status and safety of the migrant also remain unclear.

The Taliban takeover in August 2021 triggered a large wave of migration outside the country as tens of thousands of people try to flee to neighboring countries or the West in a bid for better lives.

Recently, Afghanistan’s Permanent Mission to the UN Office in Geneva warned that the Taliban’s forced displacement flows would increase the risks of human trafficking and exploitation.