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University student stabbed to death in Takhar province

A university student was stabbed to death outside the campus of Takhar University in the northeastern Takhar province on Monday, officials said.

Mobeen Safi, Taliban’s security spokesperson in the province, said that the student identified as Omidullah was attacked by unknown assailants in a non-residential and dilapidated place and stabbed with a knife, severely injuring him.

He succumbed when he was taken to a hospital.

Safi added that Omidullah was a sophomore majoring in Farsi Literature at Takhar University.

An investigation is underway to determine the killing.

Mohammad Bashir Mujahid, head of Takhar University, also confirmed the incident and stated that Omidullah originally hailed from the Khan Abad district of Kunduz province.

Omidullah was living at the university’s dormitory, he added.

Since the Taliban take over in August 2021, targeted killings have increased across the country, civilians have often been killed under mysterious circumstances. The situation has raised serious concerns over the safety and security of citizens, particularly women, and girls, who have been put under severe restrictions by the Taliban.

According to official records, in Takhar alone, at least 89 mysterious killings have been recorded in the past nearly two years.

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