Iran: Talks with theTaliban on Helmand River water rights continue

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesperson, Nasser Kanaani, said on Monday that talks with the Taliban over the Helmand River water rights continues.

Speaking at a press conference in Tehran, Kanaani said that the two sides had held “specialised discussions on the matter”.

According to ISNA, Kanaani said that the Taliban recognises Iran’s water rights over the Helmand River in accordance with the 1973 treaty.

The Taliban’s claims about lack of water and drought, Kanaani said, should be ascertained by Iranian technical experts’ inspection. Iran, he added, expects the Taliban to fulfil its obligations over the country’s water rights with “practical and responsible actions”.

Iran’s complaints over not receiving its share of water from the Helmand River has raised tensions with the Taliban. In May, the Iranian president, Ebrahim Raisi, warned the Taliban that the group must take his country’s concerns “very seriously”.