Germany announces resumption of accepting refugees from Afghanistan

The German government has announced its decision to resume the process of accepting and resettlement of Afghan refugees from next week, as reported by the German media.

According to Deutsche Welle Persian, the spokesperson for the German foreign ministry told the news agency that the issuance of visas to former local German employees in Afghanistan and individuals at risk will resume on June 26.

The temporary halt in this program, which occurred at the end of March this year, was implemented as a precautionary measure against potential fraud.

To enhance the integrity of the process, Deutsche Welle reports that security interviews will be conducted with German visa applicants, aimed at preventing fraud and abuse.

The spokesperson for the German foreign ministry further affirmed that the program for accepting Afghan refugees will gradually expand in the upcoming weeks, and approximately one thousand individuals will be accepted monthly.

Moreover, priority will be given to asylum seekers awaiting processing in Pakistan and Iran, followed by the transfer of individuals from within Afghanistan.