Photo: ISNA

Taliban forces kill two Iranian border guards in cross-border clashes

Iran says two of its border guards were killed and two injured during clashes with Taliban forces on Saturday.

According to the Tehran Times, the two sides exchanged fires across the Abrisham Bridge in Makaki district of Nimruz province, shutting down the busiest border crossing between the two countries.

Iran has blamed the Taliban for the clashes.

Qassem Rezaei, Iran’s deputy chief of national police force, said that Taliban forces had starting firing at an Iranian checkpoint at around 10am local time.  “They were faced with fierce reaction by border guards,” he said.

According to IRNA, Ahmad-Reza Radan, the head of Iran’s national police force, has issued an order for its forces to “bravely and resolutely defend Iranian borders”.

The Taliban has blamed Iranian forces for starting the clashes. The group’s Interior Ministry spokesperson said that it doesn’t war with neighbours.

Tensions have been mounting between the Iran and the Taliban in recent weeks, with the Iranian officials accusing the Afghan side of not delivering its treaty obligations on Helmand River water rights.