Russian company interested in fuel production using waste materials, Taliban says

The Taliban’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry has announced that a Russian company has expressed interest in investing in fuel production using waste materials from Kabul.

Abdul Salam Jawad, the spokesperson for the Taliban’s ministry, informed the state-run RTA media that the Russian company plans to utilise German technology to convert the city’s garbage into fuel.

However, no further details regarding the company or its investment plan were provided by Jawad.

Similar initiatives were previously proposed under the previous government to transform Kabul’s waste into electric power energy, but these plans were not realised.

Kabul continues to face severe pollution as a result of population growth and the daily generation of large quantities of solid waste. The city ranks among the most polluted in the world, with key sources of air pollution including the burning of coal, plastic, and other low-cost fuels, indiscriminate dumping of garbage along roadsides, and emissions from old vehicles.

Earlier, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) highlighted that waste management remains a significant challenge in Afghanistan, despite efforts by aid agencies to improve urban sewage collection and reduce household-level waste, particularly in slum areas.