Russian artist sells Prince Harry’s book covered in ‘Afghan blood’ for thousands of dollars

Russian artist, Andrei Molodkin, has soaked copies of Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, in “Afghan blood” and sold them for five figure sums.

A spokesperson for the artist told Sky News that 25 copies of the book were covered in blood, following Prince Harry’s controversial remarks about killing Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.

Price Harry was widely condemned for saying that he thought of the Taliban fighters he killed during his military service in Afghanistan as “baddies” who had to be eliminated before they could kill “goodies”.

Seven copies have been sold so far, each for at least £8,000 ($10,000), with one of the buyers telling Sky News that she was not disturbed by the artists use of blood, adding that it was “to shock” whilst insisting that it was less shocking than Prince Harry’s remarks.

The blood have apparently been donated by people from Afghanistan.

Andrei Molodkin has previously said that any money raised from the sale of the blood-soaked copies of Spare will be donated to Afghan charities.