Afghan citizens sue Canadian government over delayed immigration applications

Twenty-four Afghan citizens who worked for the Canadian government before the Taliban takeover have filed a lawsuit alleging that it has been unreasonably slow to process their immigration applications.

According to CBC News, the plaintiffs, who include former employees of the Canadian embassy in Kabul and a law firm that worked with the government, say they are in danger of being killed by the Taliban if they remain in Afghanistan. They are asking the court to order the government to expedite their applications.

The lawsuit alleges that the Canadian government has failed to live up to its promises to help those who worked for Canada. The plaintiffs say they were told that they would be able to come to Canada quickly, but that their applications have been languishing in the system for months.

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The government has denied the allegations, saying that it is working as quickly as possible to process the applications. However, the plaintiffs say that the government’s delays are putting their lives at risk.

One of the plaintiffs, told CBC News that he has been in hiding since the Taliban takeover. He said that he has been threatened by the Taliban and that he fears for his life if he is forced to remain in Afghanistan.

Last month, Canada said it had welcomed over 30,000 people from Afghanistan as part of 40,000 resettlement programme by the end of 2023.