Taliban rearrest former army soldier in Parwan
Photo: Sent to KabulNow

Taliban forces rearrest a former army soldier in Parwan province

The Taliban forces in the central Parwan province detained a former army solider named Nasruddin Salangi for the second time on Friday, Salangi’s brother confirmed to KabulNow.

According to his brother, the Taliban stormed the house of former army soldier in Parwan’s Salang district and arrested him, transferring him to an unknown location.

Salangi had served in the 209 Shaheen Army Corps under the previous government and was arrested once before in June of last year.

Salangi’s family members claim that he had returned to a normal life after the Taliban took control of the country and handed over his military equipment to the Taliban,

He had also received a surrender card after the fall of the Shaheen Army Corps, they added.

The Taliban has not yet commented on the arrest of the former soldier.

Cases of former government soldiers being arrested or killed by the Taliban have been widespread, raising concerns about the safety and well-being of citizens of Afghanistan.  

Human rights organizations have criticized the Taliban for these actions, calling on the group to respect the rights and freedoms of all citizens, including former government soldiers.

The Taliban, however, have denied reports of such incidents and have claimed to adhere to their leader’s general amnesty for those who worked with the previous government.