Clash between Taliban and NRF fighters leaves 10 dead in Baghlan
Photo: Sent to KabulNow

Eight Taliban and two NRF fighters killed in a firefight in Baghlan province

Sibghatullah Ahmadi, a spokesperson for the anti-Taliban group National Resistance Front (NRF) has claimed that its fighters have killed eight Taliban fighters during a firefight on Tuesday in Pul-e-Hesar district of the northern Baghlan province.

Two NRF fighters were also killed, Ahmadi said.

According to Ahmadi, Taliban fighters faced resistance when entering a house in Taghanak village of the district, which resulted in the firefight.

Pul-e-Hesar district is situated near Andarab valley where the NRF forces have fought deadly battles against the Taliban. The valley is also a birthplace for another anti-Taliban militia known as Afghanistan Freedom Front (AFF).

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The NRF fighters have been identified as Abdul Hakim Andarabi, a former police officer, and Noorullah Andarabi, a former member of Afghanistan’s special forces in the pervious government.

Local sources have confirmed that the firefight between the NRF fighters and the Taliban lasted for hours and continued into the midnight. The NRF fighters, according a source, were killed after running out of ammunitions.

The Taliban has not commented .