Germany: Taliban are solely responsible for Afghans suffering from hunger

It is the “sole responsibility” of the Taliban authorities, if the Afghan people are suffering from hunger, cold winter, or deprived of life-saving services as the group has blocked assistance provided by national and international NGOs, the German Embassy Kabul warned on Tuesday.

“This is the devastating and tragically foreseeable consequence of the decision of 24 December 2022 to no longer allow women to work for NGO´s,” the Embassy, which is currently operating from Doha and Berlin, said in a tweet, reiterating the call on the Taliban to revoke the ban on female aid workers.

On the same day, female foreign ministers of 11 countries, who attended the Munich Security Conference in Germany, condemned the Taliban’s oppression of women and girls in Afghanistan in a joint statement.

By excluding the Afghan women from society, the female ministers warned, the group was committing “gravest violations” of human rights and was putting Afghanistan’s future in jeopardy.

Despite repeated appeals from numerous countries, human rights organizations, UN agencies, and Secretary-General Guterres himself, the Taliban leadership has refused to reverse its bans on women’s education and work, and has continued to impose restrictions on women and girls.