Taliban seeking out Tajik men

Taliban agents arbitrarily detain young men in northern Kabul

Local sources in Kabul have told KabulNow that Taliban security agents have been arbitrarily detaining young men in the Khair Khana neighbourhood of the Afghan capital in recent days.

A source who witnessed the raid on his neighbour’s house, told KabulNow, that “the Taliban has been conducting operations in the area, seeking out young men from the provinces of Panjshir, Kapisa, Parwan and Baghlan, under the false pretexts of being members of Daesh or kidnapping gangs.”

The detainees, our source said, were “beaten in the streets before taken the away to be tortured and put in prison. We are living in fear and no one can say anything.”

Situated in the northern suburb of Kabul, Khair Khana is a predominantly populated by ethnic Tajiks.