Photo: Via DW

HSD-X Should Lead to Global Dialogue among Afghans, Says Karen Decker

The 10th round of Herat Security Dialogue (HSD-X) concluded on Wednesday, November 30 in Dushanbe, the capital city of Tajikistan.

Representatives from various foreign countries, including Karen Decker, the Chargé d’Affaires at the US Mission to Afghanistan based in Qatar, also participated in this dialogue. At the beginning of the dialogue, Keren Dicker called the meeting an excellent opportunity to exchange views on the situation in Afghanistan with representatives from Afghanistan, Tajikistan, regional countries and European Union.

Via a tweet on December 1, Karen Decker hoped that the Herat Security Dialogue would lead to a global dialogue among Afghans both inside and outside Afghanistan.  

“When Afghans talk about Afghanistan, there is always energy in the air”, Karen Decker added in a Twitter thread.

Karen Decker stated that she was most impressed by the women from Afghanistan, India, Tajikistan and elsewhere who refused to be silent and who challenged their male counterparts to speak up and do more.

Karen Decker thanked the Tajikistan government and the Afghanistan Institute of Strategic Studies (AISS) for organizing the meeting.

“I hope the seeds planted here grow into an international dialogue among Afghans inside and outside Afghanistan”, Karen Decker emphasized.

The 10th round of Herat Security Dialogue was organized by AISS on Tuesday and Wednesday, November 29 and 30. The main topic of this meeting was titled “Inclusive Political System: The Way Forward”.